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Pacific Beacon

over-the-top PROGRAMMING for our real life heroes

Pacific Beacon is a first-of-its-kind residential community housing nearly 2,000 single, enlisted Sailors across 941 apartments in San Diego, California. Programmed to build camaraderie and foster connections among active duty service members, Pacific Beacon provides high-end living spaces, tailored amenities, and robust programming – think personal trainers, over-the-top events, outdoor excursions, and continuing education – to boost morale on duty while delivering a reprieve from the daily stresses of military life. Since taking over operations in 2011, CRC has optimized the community’s staffing plan and organizational structure, improved leasing with a full-fledged rebranding campaign, implemented a comprehensive maintenance plan, and increased overall customer service and resident retention that has resulted in 99% occupancy. 

Services provided by CRC Property Management LLC, CRC Property Management West Inc., CRC Asset Management Services LLC, and/or other related companies. For leasing inquiries, click here.

We have a great staff here. They are really helpful and friendly, and they also plan awesome events for us, whether it’s Halloween parties, or Mardi Gras. They also make awesome excursions for us like snowboarding, bungee jumping, and kayaking.

— Bralin Roberts, AT3 Sailor, Pacific Beacon Resident
What I like most about Pacific Beacon is that the complex will literally go out of its way to spoil you and make you comfortable. It is so awesome here—there’s never a dull moment. Just about every week, there are parties, events… I wouldn’t be anywhere else.
— Xavier Carrizales, MASN Sailor, Pacific Beacon Resident
You continue to set the mark high. It is a pleasure to work with a great group of professionals committed to taking care of our Sailors.

— Matt Jordan, CNRSW Housing PM, United States Navy
I am on the seventh floor in a corner unit with one bedroom facing the ocean and one facing downtown. I’ve traveled extensively and stayed in many nice hotels, but I’ve never seen anything like what we have at Pacific Beacon.
— Abe Racela, SKC (Chief Storekeeper), Pacific Beacon Resident
What’s not to love? I’d live here in a heartbeat.
— Captain Ricky Williamson, Base Commander at Pacific Beacon
I like the privacy. It’s like I can establish my own life and have a fresh start when I’m not on duty.
— Trumaine Shermon, Petty Officer 3rd Class, Pacific Beacon Resident
Pacific Beacon redefines military housing and provides luxury multifamily product with limitless amenities tailored to our men and women in uniform.
— Rachel Azoff, Managing Editor, Multifamily Executive Magazine